Tous Les Jours Bakery (Cakes and Pastry) Review

Recently, we've discovered Tous Les Jours bakery at a local mall and decided to go for a taste. Tous Les Jours is a French-Asian Bakery serving a unique selection of bakery goods and beverages made with the highest ingredients. It is French for "Everyday", which conveys the idea of freshly baked goods.

Ever wonder how it is pronounced? Tous Les Jours is pronounced as "Tou Le Jou" - disregarding the R and S, and pronouncing it in a French way.

Upon visiting one of their branches, we were overwhelmed with all the pastries laid out. Their pastries are placed on a 2-level wood counter for you to personally pick. With over 52 types of breads and pastries displayed every day, their baked goods were made, served, and ready for pick up right away.

Not only they sell pastries, they do have a showcase of cakes on both sides of the bakery. They have over 60 types of cakes (including muffins and macaroons) that are created with quality ingredients.

From left-to-right: Milk Bun, Corn Cream Bread
and Pizza Toast
During our first visit at Tous Les Jours, we bought six pastries (Mini Castella, Sweet Potato Cream Bread, Madeleine, Pizza Toast, Milk Bun and Corn Cream Bread) to give them a try. You could tell by the taste, that their pastries were distinct from other bakeries. Great quality ingredients did bring out the flavor of each kind of bread!

After judging the taste and ingredients they had, we decided to go for a try on their cakes. As it was really tempting (you could tell from the looks!).

Our very first cake from Tous Les Jours, Full of Heart was described as: heart warming chocolate cake topped with heart shaped cookies and decorate with 24k edible gold leaf on four corners, and what can I tell you? It really tastes oh-so delicious! The packaging looked so diverse compared to any bakeries.

Along with the cake and box, came with three tall and slim candles, and a disposable cutting knife. It was really convenient having the candles and disposable cutting knife along with the cake without being requested - because it is what most costumers look or need.

So after our very first taste of their cake, we decided to give one as a birthday celebration cake - Chocolate Powder Cake. It was described as: chocolate powder cake - light and moist belgian chocolate sponge cake filled with premium chocolate butter cream and sprinkled with heavenly cocao powder. You bet it is heavenly!

If I were given a chance to taste their products first before figuring out the prices, I would say that their prices are reasonable. There will be no regret in spending that cash to treat yourself with a bread or two (or maybe a cake for a celebration!).

Their breads range from Php30 to Php130, depending on the type of bread - whether it is a bun or a loaf.

As for their cakes, they range from Php60 to Php1300, still depending on the size and type - muffins, macaroons or whole cake.

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  1. Thanks for the review

  2. what is the minimum sizes of their cakes ? :) tnx !

    1. As far as I recall, their smallest cake is about 7 to 8 inches in diameter.

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. Hey, uhmm anno, what the size of the chocolate cake powder ? :)

    1. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to read.

      I'm not really precise, but for further questions you could call your local TLJ store and inquire:

      Hope this helps :)

  4. Hi! How much is the 7 to 8 inches in diameter cake? And how do you call that cake? Thanks!

    1. Hello, thanks for reading my blog post!

      It'll best if you could contact the nearest TLJ branch to you via these numbers:

  5. Does Tous Les Jours make personalized cakes?

    1. Hi, I'm sad to say, no.

      They do not make personalized cakes, but you could double-check on the nearest branch if they accept custom cakes to your liking.


  6. thanks for the review! I'll buy one soon. :)

  7. I love their cakes and breads! Too bad service at their SM Megamall branch sucks!


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